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Historically, the best precious metals to invest in have been gold and silver, and the 2018 market promises to be no different. Gold ended 2017 in its most profitable year since 2012. Since the beginning of the year, both gold and silver have been holding steady gains.

In the past, technology limited investors to buying in person or over the phone or catalogues, which narrowed their options and knowledge of their investments. For those interested in coin shops in New York, you can find helpful information via our local directory pages.

The Four Questions Every Investor Should Ask Before Buying Precious Metals

Buying gold or silver sounds straightforward at first, but a novice investor may quickly get overwhelmed when faced with so many options for investment. It’s also tricky to determine whether you will get your premium back when you sell your bullion, particularly if you are tricked into buying precious metals from an unreliable seller. In order to make a sound investment in gold and silver, you need answers – so has provided four most common questions investors ask before buying precious metals.

1. What Is the Best Method of Investment in Precious Metals?

You have two options when it comes to investing in precious metals: buying physical metal like bullion bars and coins or purchasing financial products like gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Although the latter may appeal to you because of its convenience, you should keep in mind that you won’t actually own the metal – and thus would have no claim to the gold within the fund. When you invest in an ETF, there is a risk that the other party will default or fail to live up to its financial obligation to you. The primary advantage of investing in physical gold is that it becomes your property, allowing you to diversify your assets and mitigate risk by managing and storing it how you choose.

2. Should I Buy Gold or Silver?

There are advantages and disadvantages to either option, but overall, gold tends to be a stronger investment for most investors. Further, the gold market is much more liquid, given that it is driven by investment and jewelry demand. The gold and silver markets are about as liquid as it gets, so you never have to worry about supply shortages or getting “stuck” with metal. If we had to give a nod to one or the other, we’d say that gold is the more liquid of the two metals due to its greater demand, as well as supply over silver.

3. Should I Invest in Bullion Bars or Coins?

For most investors, bullion coins are the best type of investment. Coins are easy to trade, recognizable to sellers, and tend to sell at higher premiums than other kinds of investment. For buyers who are interested in purchasing large quantities of precious metals, bullion bars may prove to be the better option because of the lower premiums.

4. What Coins Should I Buy?

North American investors would do well to choose American Eagles or Canadian Maple Leaf coins in silver or gold. European investors can benefit a great deal from gold or silver Eagles or Austrian Philharmonics. The South African, English, and Australian gold coins all offer excellent options for savvy investors.